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The MeasureLabel is a Werk24-internal data model that structures all data that a draftman might annotate on a measure. As you would expect, the Size describes the size of the norm geometry. Be aware that there are multiple ways of describing the size (e.g. in millimeter, inch, width accross flats etc.). The Tolerance describes how much the work piece can differ from the nominal geometry, withouth compromising the work piece's functionality. In addition there are attributes for the Chamfer, the quantity and the Thread.

Data Model

String representation of the item for human consumption 17k6
Size of the MeasureLabel. Any of W24SizeNominal,W24SizeDiameter, and W24SizeAccrossFlats See W24Size for details
Tolerance details. Default: General tolerances.

NOTE: by default we are refering to the general tolerances of the drawing. Currently the W24SizeToleranceGeneral object is a stub. Future implementations might go one step further and quote the applicable general tolerance as refered to in the data fields.

NOTE: if the W24MeasureLabel describes a "Theoretically Exact Measure", i.e, the label is surrounded by a box, like: "[15]", the size_tolerance refers to a W24SizeToleranceTheoreticallyExact object (and is NOT None)
See W24SizeTolerance for details
NOTE: the thread details describe the complete thread description and follow the respective standards. In consequence, the thread diameter of an ISO-thread will be indicated in millimeter, while the thread diameter of an UTS thread will be in inch. See W24Thread for details
Quantity for spacings.

NOTE: Currently only the indicated measure will be detected and returned. Future implementation could detect the spacings and return individual measures for the respective spacings. When we implement this feature, we will add an attribute to the ASK, which allows you to control the behavior.
Ø2.5 (2x) will yield quantity=2
Optional Chamfer See W24Chamfer for details