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There are many reasons why you might want to obtain a Thumbnail of (i) the complete document that you sent us, or (ii) parts of it.

Most useful are probably thumbnails of Sectionals. We will thus query the API to return a thumbnail for all sectionals detected in the supplied document. You can obtain thumbnails of the Page, Sheet and Canvas in an analogous manner.

Define Query Function

Let us start with the communication function.

It ...

  • ... defines what information you request (W24AskSectionalThumbnail),
  • ... defines what function shall be called when the information becomes available (handle_thumbnail / handleThumbnail)
  • ... sends the drawing bytes to the API and initiates the request
from werk24 import Hook, W24TechreadClient, W24AskSectionalThumbnail

async def get_sectional_thumbnails(drawing_bytes):
    hooks = [Hook(ask=W24AskSectionalThumbnail(), function=handle_thumbnail)]
    async with W24TechreadClient.make_from_env() as session:
        await session.read_drawing_with_hooks(document_bytes,hooks)
async function getSectionalThumbnails(drawingBytes) {

    const askLib = await werk24.loadAsks();
    const hooks = [new werk24.Hook(new askLib.W24AskSectionalThumbnail(), handleThumbnail)];

    let client = werk24.W24TechreadClient.makeFromEnv();
    try { await client.getSectionalThumbnails(drawingBytes, hooks);}
    catch (e) { console.error(e); } finally { client.close(); }

import asyncio asyncio.run_until_complete(get_sectional_thumbnails(...)) printMeasuresOfDrawing(...)

Define the Response Handler

The query function above refered to a function handle_thumbnail / handleThumbnail. It is called as soon as the response becomes available.


The handle_thumbnail will be called multiple times! Once for each sectional on the drawing.

When handle_thumbnail is called, the Client passes an object of the type W24TechreadMessage. This object has two attributes that we are interested in: payload_dict and payload_bytes. The payload_bytes contain the thumbnail bytes you requested. The payload_dict contains a dictionary that carries the associated response details. In the case of AskSectionalThumbnail, this will for example contain the canvas_id, which allows to differentiate between sectionals that come from different canvases (Remember, a Sheet might contain multiple Canvases).

async def handle_thumbnail(message):
    canvas_id = message.payload_dict.get('canvas_id')
    file_preview = message.payload_bytes[:64]
    print(f"Received Sectional Thumbnail of Canvas {canvas_id}")
    print(f"File starts with {file_preview}")
async function handleThumbnail(message) {
    const canvasId = message.payload_dict.canvas_id
    const filePreview = message.payload_bytes.substring(0,64)
    console.log(`Received Sectional Thumbnail of Canvas ${canvas_id}`)
    console.log(`File starts with ${file_preview}`)